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ah yknow

i actually. dont know im glad the relationship between me and her ended a little? like. it left me super confused so maybe the whole thing was way more uncomfortable for both of us than either of us realized. im. glad we can go back to being friends.

i think im just gonna go back to that waiting for someone to tell me that they like me for a change thing

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yeah okay. yeah okay thats. fine. sure

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i feel like crying and im not really sure why

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lmfao she must have found out somehow now she’ll hate me forever i knew i would make things complicated me and my stupid feelings

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no, no, katia

you cant say anything right now, youll only make things more complicated

better to just wait, besides youre not even sure yourself yet

…still doesnt change the feeling though i suppose

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did i do the right thing, i wonder

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no one cares. shut up you useless manufactured bitch. stop troubling people with your oddly negative feelings. no one cares and other’s feelings are more important than yours because yours arent even real, theyre forced onto you by yourself. and youll never have real feelings again, no one cares. god you should just shut up youre talking yourself into a downward spiral better to just ignore your stupid feelings and be artificially happy. god

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i dont know man maybe im just

talking about my problems so someone will try to console me. maybe i just want people to approach me. maybe i just want attention from people i dont normally get it from. is it wrong to want attention? because it makes me feel guilty. it makes me feel guilty but i keep doing it because i dont want to admit to myself that i want attention. and then i dont want attention from certain people, the ones who give me attention all the time i just.

i dont know how i feel. its weird. and i just. dont know. im lonely even though im with people

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it really hurts my feelings that im just being ignored. i fucked up. i get it. what do you want me to do. ive tried to apologize. sorry. but do you rreally have to ignore everything i send you and not even say a single word. i just want to be friends again. sorry i know im vagueblogging again and thats what started this whole thing but im just so upset about it ive felt like shit for days and im on the verge of tears rn

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fine you know what ok. if youre gonna be like that then im unfollowing you too. the tagging thing wasnt a big deal but it just reminded me how ridiculously short of a fuse you have and how you overreact to every little thing and yknow. im not dealing with your shit anymore. if you want to be friends again then try growing up a little

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